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Tech Tuesday - Back to School Tech - CBS 5 Morning News (KPHO)

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Tech Tuesday - Switching to Beats Music

With Beats Music in the news a lot recently, I decided to give the service a fair shake to see how it compares to my beloved Rdio and other music streaming services. Here are 3 reasons why you might want to switch over.

Reason 1 - Apple Just Bought Them

  • Beats Music isn’t going to close up shop any time soon
  • They just reduced their price per year to $99/year (or ~$8/month)
  • They’re also available on Android, Windows, Online, and on Sonos

Reason 2 - Full Access to Over 20M Songs

  • Search for your favorite band and listen to any of their songs
  • Store your favorite music on your device for offline listening in high quality
  • Never listen to another ad again, just your music on your terms

Reason 3 - Human Curation

  • Tell Beats where you are and what you’re doing, and it’ll create a personalized playlist for you
  • Real people create playlists with the best music for you
  • Create your own playlists and share them with your friends

Check out Beats Music today!

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This year’s WWDC Keynote from Apple was all about CONNECTIONS:

CONNECTING Your Mac and iPhone

  • Start an email on your Mac, finish it on your iPhone.
  • Get a call on your iPhone, answer it on your Mac.
  • Access all your files over iCloud on all devices.

CONNECTING Your Families iPhones and iPads

  • Family Sharing lets you share the most important information with those in your house: music, books, apps photos, calendars, todo lists, and location tracking.

CONNECTING All Your Health Monitoring Devices

  • Get a complete picture of your health using the information from your fitbit, scale, exercise tracking apps, and more.
  • Share this information with your healthcare provider easily and securely.

CONNECTING All Your Home Automation and Control Services

  • Apple is allowing developers to connect all your home automation devices together now.
  • Tell Siri that you’re ready for bed and have your lights dim and your lullaby music start playing, for example.
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Tech Tuesday - Making Music on the iPad


  • Create and edit your sheet music and play it back on your iPad with the sounds of a real orchestra
  • Download on iTunes

Djay 2

  • An app for mixing some great party music, now with access to the entire Spotify music streaming service.
  • Download on iTunes

Loopy HD

  • Record multiple audio tracks together to make complex harmonies and even your own background vocals.
  • Download on iTunes


  • Learn to play the guitar using your iPad and your own guitar. Similar to Guitar Hero, but without the toy guitar.
  • Download on iTunes
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Tech Tuesday - Photo Editing and Sharing on Mobile

Adobe Lightroom Mobile


  • Currently in Kickstarter, a USB drive with a built in lightning connector to store your photos easily on the go
  • Checkout on Kickstarter

Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

  • Quickly print photographs from your smartphone like a Polaroid
  • View on Amazon


  • Create compelling photo and video presentations to share with others online
  • View on iTunes
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Tech Tuesday - Educational Apps

Kids Discover Apps for iPad

A fantastic series of interactive apps for plants, animals, ocean life, geography, and more. Price: $3.99 Download from iTunes

My Incredible Body

Go inside your body and learn about the amazing ways we function. Price: $2.99 Download from iTunes

Foldify Zoo

A papercraft app to help you build some realistic animals out of paper. Price: $1.99 Download from iTunes


Learn to write code and create games right on your iPad. Price: $9.99 Download from iTunes

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Tech Tuesday - Apps for Spring - CBS 5 Morning News (KPHO)

  • Daily Burn -
  • RoomScan -
  • Threadflip -
  • National Parks -
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Tech Tuesday - Slashing Your Cell Phone Bill - CBS 5 Morning News (KPHO)

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Tech Tuesday - Cloud Storage Upgrades - CBS 5 Morning News (KPHO)

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Tech Tuesday - Likely Gadgets From CES 2014 - CBS 5 Morning News (KPHO)

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